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Turin Airport and how to get to the city

If Milan is the capital of shopping, then Turin is the center of skiing. It is in this city that all winter resort routes begin. However, in Turin itself there is something to see: numerous palaces and museums await visitors in any season, shops, restaurants and clubs are not much inferior to Milan's. Not without reason Turin Airport serves annually more than 3.5 million passengers.

Turin's passenger airport was opened in July 1953 on the site of a former military airfield in the foothills of the Alps, near the town of Caselle Torinese.

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Turin Airport History

For half a century, the airport has been constantly expanding and reconstructed. The last reconstruction was dedicated to the 2006 Winter Olympics.

Since 1998, the airport in Turin has been named Sandro Pertini, the former president of Italy, but the old name is preserved - Caselle airport. Currently, he is considered one of the best not only in the country, but throughout the world.

The airport receives and sends about 400 flights weekly

In 2012, the Turin Airport was awarded with an award for an energy-saving system, and in 2007 and 2008 - with the Europe Best Awards for high quality services in the category from 1 to 5 million passengers.

Weekly Turin Airport It receives and sends about 400 scheduled flights to 33 destinations, including 18 international. In addition, he serves charter flights: from Dublin to Sharm El Sheikh and from Moscow to Barcelona. The area of ​​the 3-level terminal is more than 57 thousand m2, the length of the runway is 2350 m. The airport in Turin has several ground and underground parking lots and a logistics center.

Scheme and scoreboard of the airport

On the ground floor of the airport there is an arrival hall, on the first - a registration hall, and on the second - a trade and restaurant zone. It is difficult to get lost: there are signs everywhere in Italian and English. But in any case, the scheme of the Turin airport does not hurt, especially if there is not much time for orientation on the ground.

Level 0 Arrivals Hall:

The scheme of the airport of Turin will allow you to better navigate on arrival

Departure hall at 1st level:

By the way, from March 4, 2013, the terminal introduced new safety rules, according to which the movement of passengers is strictly regulated. So the scheme of the airport of Turin will save you from unwanted meetings with the administration and security. You can familiarize yourself with it below:

The Turin airport board is in both the departure and check-in halls. The information desk is located in the southern part of the departure lounge, next to the ticket offices. You can also find out how much time is left before the desired flight by the scoreboard of the Turin airport on the main page of its official website: (there is an Italian and an English version).

Transport from the airport

There’s nothing complicated how to get from Turin airport to the city centerwhich is only about 16 km. From early morning to late evening, buses and trains run between the city and the airport; in addition, a taxi service is available around the clock in the capital of Piedmont.

Airport Buses

Bus route: "Turin Airport - City" is operated by SADEM. Schedule - from 5.15 to 23.00 with an interval of 30 to 45 minutes. Moreover buses from Turin airport they can go with all the stops, and with stops only at the railway stations - Porta Susa (local trains) and Porta Nuova (station, city center, terminal).

The fare to Port Nuova is € 6.50 (2016). You can buy a bus ticket at vending machines or ticket offices near the stop located to the right of the central exit from the terminal.

Bus route: "Airport - city" is served by SADEM

Tickets can also be bought from the driver at a surcharge of € 0.50. However, if you have TORINO + PIEMONTE CARD on hand, the trip will cost you only € 5 (2016). Travel time to the final stop is 45-50 minutes, depending on the situation on the road.

Passengers who question how to get from turin airport, interests only from the point of view of the subsequent train transfer, they can also use DoraFly bus services along the route: Dora station - Porta Susa station - city center (station). The bus schedule is consistent with the train schedule.

Trains from Turin Airport

Dora Train Station is literally a few meters from the airport building. Trains from the airport leave every half hour from 5:03 to 23:08, from the city to the airport - from 5:04 to 21:45. Travel time is 19 minutes.

Dora train station is a few meters from the airport

Suburban rail links are included in the public transport system. So, a simple train ticket and a 70-minute ride in public transport - "Trenibus" corsa semplice - will cost € 3.70 (2016). A Trenibus giornaliero ticket will cost more - € 6.80 (2016). But acquiring it, the passenger will have the opportunity to use public transport throughout the day, paying nothing extra.

Airport Taxi

The taxi rank at Turin Airport is located to the left of the exit from the terminal building. Travel time to the city - no more than 30 minutes in a favorable situation on the road or when traveling on toll roads.

Knowing the light hand of Italian taxi drivers, many travelers try to book a taxi online by the time of their arrival. The price of such a trip is commensurate with a regular taxi, and there is no fee for a downtime at the airport even if the flight is too late.

Taxis at Turin Airport

An online order allows you to be 100% sure that the taxi driver will not try to wind you a counter. After all, the price of the trip is known to the passenger in advance, and nothing needs to be paid on the spot.

Check the current taxi prices from Turin Airport to any place in the vicinity on this page.

Turin Airport Transfer and Car Hire

Turin Airport cooperates with leading car rental companies: Avis, EuropCar, Hertz, Sixt, Maggiore and others.

Companies always have a wide choice of transport at their disposal: from small cars to limousines, from minivans to motor vans. You can order a car rental at Turin Airport either directly at the offices of companies located in the passenger terminal, or on their official websites.

But there is a third option: order car hire at Turin airport online through the popular international internet service Rentalcars. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that, in cooperation with all the leading suppliers of car rental, the service constantly monitors changes in their prices and rental conditions. Thus, without wasting time independently comparing the conditions in many companies, you can get a set of the best offers in a few minutes.

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The general scheme, the scheme of arrival and departure from the airport of Turin are taken from the official website of the airport.

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