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Maiori is a resort town on the Amalfi coast of Italy

The town of Maiori in Italy is a very cute and pretty resort on the picturesque Amalfi coast, 60 km from Naples. A modest scale (population - about 6 thousand people) does not prevent Majori for many decades from successfully holding the brand as a strong object of international tourism in Italy. This is a great place to spend quality holidays on the Amalfi Coast. Great beaches, comfortable hotels, authentic Italian cuisine, picturesque landscapes, an abundance of interesting events and activities - all this you will find in Majori.

How to get to Maiori

The most convenient way to get to Maiori is from Naples, which is only 60 kilometers from the resort. You can take the direct bus route, or, alternatively, take the train to Salerno and transfer to the SITA suburban bus, which will cover the remaining 25 km to Majori.

You can also take a taxi to Salerno, but it will, of course, cost a little more. If you plan to drive your own or rented car, you should move along the A3 motorway, then turn onto SP2a, which will lead you directly to your destination.

Maiori Hotels in Italy

With accommodation in Maiori you should have no problems even in high season. Maiori hotels in Italy are presented in a wide variety of services, star rating, distance to beaches and cost.

In Maiori itself, the 5-star Botanico San Lazzaro Hotel is considered the most chic and fashionable. More than a dozen 4-star hotels: Villa Pandora, San Francesco, Panorama, Club Due Torri and others. Almost all of them guarantee excellent service, amazing sea views from most of the rooms, many additional options. When planning a vacation in high season, it is better to book hotels of this class in advance, since this direction is in great demand.

Maiori hotels in Italy are not the only way to stay at this resort. There are plenty of "starless" but comfortable mini-hotels, private apartments, guest houses, including the ultra-budget Bed & Breakfast format. You can always find your best option at the link below.


Now let's move on to the purely resort component of Majori, and say a few words about the local climate. The high season here begins in April and lasts until October. During this period, the average air temperature fluctuates around +28 ° C, and a clear clear sky pleases guests almost all year round.

Since the beginning of the season, water has been actively warming up from +18 ° C and reaches its peak in August - about +26 ° C.


In terms of beach holidays, Maiori can be considered almost the best place on the entire Amalfi coast in many ways. There are fewer cliffs, the mountains go deep into the mainland, and the beach itself is the longest and widest on the entire coast.

Maiori beaches are covered in black volcanic sand

The “large” beach of Maiori, covered with black volcanic sand, is divided into individual beaches. Most of them are paid, with the exception of several small sections near the port and at the end of the beach line. The fee includes the use of a sunbed and umbrella.

The beaches of the resort are well equipped, you can rent boats and catamarans here, as well as rent a bike or scooter and ride in the surroundings, enjoying the healing air and the amazing nature of this region.

Cuisine and restaurants

Maiori's cuisine is basically an immortal Italian “classic”, multiplied by the specificity and flavor of the Salerno region. The basis of traditional dishes served in restaurants is local agricultural products and local seafood. The recipes of many dishes have been passed down from generation to generation.

There are plenty of opportunities to arrange a real gastronomic holiday in Maiori. Restaurants, pizzerias and cafes are here at every step, and each institution is wonderful in its own way. You will also enjoy more affordable prices compared to the neighboring Positano or Ravello.

Traditional Majori dishes - pizza, pasta, fish and seafood

Of the variety of "catering" Majori, it is difficult to clearly distinguish and strongly recommend one thing. Yes, and it is not necessary, since it will soon become for you a matter of personal preferences and sympathies. On the main street Corso Reginna you can go to the restaurants Masaniello or Dedalo, on the coast itself Pizzeria Nettuno and Eldorado are very popular among the guests of the town.

Almost any restaurant will offer you pizza baked in a wood-burning oven, fresh fish, pasta with seafood and mozzarella. Excellent steaks where many will cook right in front of you. Excellent wines (which would have been without Italy in Italy) and limoncello made from lemons grown right here - all this also forms an integral part of the Italian Majori cuisine.


The exact time and circumstances of the formation of the first settlements on the site of modern Majori are not known for certain. Even regarding which of the ancient civilizations had its origins, historians have not developed a consensus. There are versions of both the Greek roots of Majori and the Roman. More daring assumptions reduce the history of the town to the name of Prince Salerno Benevento Sicardo. Although, very reliable information suggests that Sikard did not founded, but conquered a long-existing city at the time.

Today, Maiori is a quiet and comfortable resort town

Despite the uncertainties with the history of origin, the history of the development and life of Majori from the Middle Ages is well known. The city has always been an important port of the Duchy of Amalfi; the headquarters of the fleet and the military arsenal were based here. Due to its commercially important and advantageous position, Majori flourished for almost his entire history, even during the period of Neapolitan rule.

At present, the town, of course, is no longer the center of intersection of trade routes, but more than deservedly gained the fame of an international class resort.

Attractions Majori

Despite the antiquity of Maiori in Italy, there are few architectural attractions in the town when compared with neighboring communes - Ravello, Atrani, Minori, Amalfi, Positano and others. Not least of all, the cause of the devastating flood of 1954, when most of the historic center of Majori was actually demolished by streams of water and landslides. However, those buildings that have survived and survived are definitely worthy of attention.

In the monastery of Santa Maria de Olearia, you can see the frescoes of the XI century.

Since the Middle Ages, the town has preserved unique churches, grottoes, watch towers. The real pearls of medieval architecture in Majori are considered Monastery complexes Santa Maria delle Grazie and Santa Maria de Olearia.

From the sights you can also highlight the surviving Norman fortress

The magnificent Norman fortress on the seashore castle of St. Nicholas on the hill of Pontecchieu (built in 1400) and monastery of the Dominican Order. Also worth attention Church of Santa Maria a Mare built in the 12th century, and in particular its roof, made up of multi-colored majolica tiles (a type of ceramic).

The dome of the church of Santa Maria a Mare is lined with small fragments of multi-colored majolica

It is worth adding that Majori itself is an amazingly beautiful and picturesque place. The spacious promenade is decorated with street sculptures, fountains and flowerbeds - an ideal place for a peaceful walk. And on one of the main streets of the town there are many cozy cafes, vegetable shops, convenience stores and souvenir shops.


If Maiori in Italy cannot boast of such an abundance of “stationary” sights as, say, Ravello himself, then the number of interesting and colorful events more than compensates for this shortcoming.

The central event of each year in Maiori is the carnival, which is held during the celebration of Catholic Easter. Almost immediately after the carnival, a new holiday comes - Settimana Santa (Holy Week). One day a grand torchlight procession Via Crucis (Cross Way) is held, during which the key moments of the suffering of the Cross of Christ are recreated.

Each tourist season in Maiori is rich in many festivals, concerts, art exhibitions, theater programs.

In late autumn, usually at the end of October, a film festival for the young Italian directors "Roberto Rossellini Award" is held here. It is organized by the daughter of the famous director Isabella in memory of the first meeting of her parents - Roberto Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman. This meeting took place precisely in Maiori.

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