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Rome in July

July in Rome is the height of the summer season. Despite the heat, which usually stands in the capital of Italy in the middle of summer, Rome in July attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world. Popular city sights are not crowded, and long lines lined up in the ticket offices of museums and exhibition halls, standing in which under the scorching sun and in high local humidity is a dubious pleasure.

Weather in Rome in July

In July, Rome is quite hot - daytime temperatures often reach + 40C, sometimes the thermometer rises higher. High temperatures combined with fairly high humidity make up a killer combination - it is difficult to call such weather comfortable.

At night, the temperature is lower - about + 19 + 20С, but the coolness is almost not felt, since stone buildings heat up so much during the day that it emits heat at night. There is practically no rainfall in July, one rainy day promised by meteorologists should not be taken into account - it is not a fact that it will fall on your vacation.

Rome in July - it's heat and high humidity

If you are going to Rome in July, take care of comfortable light clothing and shoes, as well as a headdress that can protect you from burning sun rays. Do not forget about sunscreen - it will come in handy both during long excursions and during walks on city streets.

To visit the Vatican, you will have to pick up a special set of clothes - light, but at the same time, covering your legs, arms, back, and neck as much as possible, because you will not be allowed into the territory in shorts, a T-shirt or a short sundress.

  • The average daily temperature in Rome in July + 30C
  • The average night temperature in Rome in July + 19C
  • Number of rainy days - 1

Things to do

There are no major significant events and national holidays in July in Rome, but you should not think that your vacation will be boring - it is not difficult to find something to your liking.

Guided museum excursions in July are especially popular.

The first thing to do inRome in July - visiting museums, exhibition halls, galleries. Of course, you can get into these institutions only after standing a long line, but the inconvenience is completely compensated by interesting expositions, as well as a comfortable temperature regime inside the buildings.

One way to avoid queues and maintain health, nerves and several hours of vacation is to purchase entrance tickets in advance - via the Internet. You can do this using the online service below:

For some places in Rome, there is a restriction on the number of visitors (such as, for example, the Borghese Gallery), so an early purchase will not only help to avoid wasting time, but will also allow you to visit some attractions, which, when in place, will get difficult.

It is advisable to devote a visit to museums in the middle of the day, leaving cooler morning and evening hours for trips on excursions or walks on city streets and squares. Especially pleasant are walks in parks and gardens - tree crowns are a good protection against heat.

Walking in Piazza Navona, Rome

In late June - early July Roman opera house opens the summer season - this event attracts the attention of both fans of the opera and ordinary tourists who want to touch the cultural life. Opera performances are held in the park of Villa Borghese, near the ruins of the Term Caracalla, as well as in the Opera House itself, the building of which stands on Benjamino Gilly Square.

Another significant cultural event taking place in Rome in July - International rock festival, which brings together musicians and fans of heavy music from around the world. Performances of musicians take place at various concert venues in the city.

In July, the jazz festival also attracts its fans, in which both world-famous stars and young jazzmen take part. The festival takes place in the Olympic sports complex Foro Italico.

A real holiday for shopaholics is the start of summer sales in Italy in general and in Rome in particular. The summer sales season usually begins on the first Saturday of July and lasts at least six weeks. In the first days of sales, discounts in stores are 15-20%, reaching 70% by the end of the season.

Rome summer sales season starts on the first Saturday of July

The size of discounts depends on the location of the store, as well as the brand of clothes - the more expensive and steeper the brand, the higher the size of the discounts. You should not buy up the whole assortment of stores in the first days of sales, wait a week or two and only then go shopping - the prices are optimal at this time, and the assortment of goods in the stores is still quite diverse.

Another way to organize your leisure time in Rome in July - Take a day trip to Florence or Naples. Thanks to the developed system of high-speed trains, the round trip will take no more than 3 hours. Especially popular among tourists is Florence - the cradle of the Renaissance - a city famous for its world-famous museums and galleries.

A fast train travels a distance of 280 km between Rome and Florence in just 1.5 hours. Nevertheless, as in the case of museums, it makes sense to reserve train tickets and redeem them in advance, since the stations in Italy during this period do not differ much in number from those who want to leave from the siege of La Rochelle.

Fortunately, the Internet doesn’t let you down - tickets can be purchased on the Omio website of the former GoEuro. The system interface is intuitive, so the booking process takes only a few minutes. More details about all the ways to get from Rome to Florence and back BlogoItaliano wrote here.

Popular attractions in hot July are not crowded

If you want to stay longer in Florence (especially since there is something to see in the city), you should get a hotel. To do this, you can either use our recommendations from the article The Most Romantic Hotels in the Center of Florence, or choose a hotel on your own here.

Finally, one cannot ignore the rich excursion program, which Rome is so famous for. Monuments of the imperial and Renaissance, the Vatican's masterpieces, the amazing Trastevere and night Rome - all excursions cannot be listed in a short review. Moreover, they are still divided into group and individual.

It’s easier to request the entire list and choose what will be most to your liking. You can do this on BlogoItaliano by writing a guide to Rome Lele, a detailed article and review about which we left here.

Rome in July. Summary

Rome in July means heat and high humidity. The temperature rises significantly, so many tourists try to avoid excursions in the daytime, devoting them evening or even night. In the daytime, however, excursions to the cool halls of museums or galleries are much more enjoyable, but to get into them you will either have to stand in line for several hours or purchase tickets in advance.

In July, the daily temperature often reaches + 40C

Since Rome is in the midst of the tourist season in July, a trip to the Italian capital will be expensive - hotel prices, excursions, and airline tickets are quite high. The only thing you can save on is shopping.

With the start of the sales season, prices for things of famous brands are reduced very significantly, and if you do not chase brands and go to a store offering mid-range items, replenishing or updating your wardrobe will cost a ridiculous amount.

Watch the video: Rome VLOG July 2018 (April 2020).


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