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Hotels in Rome with Russian speaking staff

Finding a hotel in Rome with Russian-speaking staff is a daunting task. Even if the description of the hotel indicates that the staff speaks Russian, this guarantees a maximum of one of the employees at the reception or, for example, a cleaning lady who will help you with the translation.

In any case, do not worry, even without knowledge of the language, Italians will always be happy to try to help you, as they are very open and friendly people.

But if you are worried that they will not understand you, then there is a break of about a hundred options, I chose only those hotels where the knowledge of Russian from the staff is stated at the booking.

You will also find it useful to read how to say hello in Italian - this will immediately arrange hotel staff for you.

Search criteria

How do I usually choose a hotel for myself and friends? The photo below shows the filters that I always use to search. Be sure to check the hotels, 4 or 5 stars, the rating by reviews should be very good 8+ or excellent 9+, as well as the Rome filter - city center.

Why are there no 3 star hotels in the review? Unfortunately, in Rome, 3 stars mean much less and often these are not hotels with a full reception desk, but converted apartments, very small. You can expect Russian-speaking staff only in hotels of 4 or 5 stars - I recommend them to you.

For convenience, I put the hotels on a map of Rome: yellow - marked Pantheon, blue - the main attractions, and green - hotels where the staff speaks Russian.

I also advise you to study the article Where is the center of Rome in order to make the right choice and live near the main attractions.

Hotel Residenza In Farnese - my choice

The Residenza In Farnese is only 4 stars, but ideally located in a quiet street next to the Palazzo Farnese. The Pantheon or Piazza Navona is a maximum of 10 minutes on foot. We crossed the river over the Sisto bridge (Ponte Sisto) and five minutes later you are already in the most atmospheric area of ​​Rome - Trastevere, with its many restaurants and bars. The hotel area itself will charm you with narrow streets, I love to walk here in the evenings. At dawn, along the Tiber, you can walk to the Vatican in 20 minutes.

Residenza In Farnese is your choice if you want to experience true Rome. Excellent strategic location allows you to practically avoid travel by public transport or taxi.

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Hotel martis palace

Hotel Martis Palace is the second hotel in the review that I would happily stay at. The location is almost perfect - near Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, dozens of beautiful churches, many of which we visit during our original tours. At the booking this hotel with an overall rating of 9.4, and by location 9.8 - I completely agree with such ratings.

Hassler roma

The 5-star Hassler Roma Hotel is one of the most famous in Rome. Located on the top of the Spanish Steps, to the right of the Trinita dei Monti church. Just because of him the sun rises in the photo. Our compatriots often stay at the hotel, so Russian is understood perfectly at the reception. My clients and friends have repeatedly stayed in Hassler, so I can safely recommend this accommodation option to you - numerous good reviews also confirm this.

In the evening, I advise you to go up to the terrace on the 6th floor and enjoy the sunset - the sun will just set behind the Vatican.

At the end of the video below, the girl Catherine just arrives at Hassler Roma with a transfer ordered from Sergio, the most reliable Italian.

Hotel quirinale

The 4-star Hotel Quirinale is located near Roma Termini Station, in an area that, as you know, I do not consider to be the best option for exploring the Eternal City. Nevertheless, you can stay here for 1-2 nights. Hotel reviews are good, no complaints about him. Near the beautiful piazza Repubblica and the church of Santa Maria Maggiore.

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Hotel barberini

Hotel Barberini is opposite the Palazzo Barberini, which houses the National Gallery of Ancient Art. Also literally 100 meters away is the intersection of 4 fountains with the first Baroque church of San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane by the brilliant architect Francesco Borromini. I also advise you to see the Triton Fountain at Piazza Barberini. The Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain are about 10 minutes on foot from the hotel.

Hotel imperiale

Hotel Imperiale is located on one of Rome's most famous and luxurious streets, Via Veneto. From the hotel you can stroll up to Borghese Park. Opposite is the American embassy. The official taxi rank is literally 200 meters away at Piazza Barberini.

Roma Luxus Hotel

The 5-star Roma Luxus Hotel is just 5 minutes on foot from Piazza Venezia, while Trastevere can be reached in 20 minutes. Good location near the forum of Trajan. Of the 5-star hotels, Roma Luxus Hotel is one of the best by location, according to reviews rated 9.5 out of 10. Breakfasts, for Italy, are even too good - they don’t usually feed us like this in the mornings. Also, our tourists respond very warmly about the Russian-speaking girl at the reception, I recommend.

Rome Style Hotel

Rome Style Hotel is located just between the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. If style, shopping, fashion is about you, then be sure to consider this option. The hotel occupies a historic building of the XIX century, but inside it is very modern with spacious, by local standards, rooms - the number of such hotels in Rome is no more than your fingers on one hand.

Hotel mecenate palace

Hotel Mecenate Palace is located directly opposite the Santa Maria Maggiore Church. Again, the Termini area, but because of the view from the terrace, I could not help but include it in the review. Great for 1-2 nights.

Rome Times Hotel

The stylish and modern Rome Times Hotel is decorated in a time theme. Most attractions will be within a 20-minute walk. A Russian-speaking employee at the front desk will help you with advice if necessary.
For lunch, I recommend going to The Carbonara restaurant (Via Panisperna, 214) and ordering, of course, carbonara.

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I am sure this review has helped you with choosing a hotel in Rome. Be sure to write your comments and questions in the comments, if any.

Watch the video: Rome Airport to Rome City: HOW TO TRAVEL EUROPE CHEAP! (April 2020).


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