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How to get from Verona to Florence and from Florence to Verona

Verona and Florence - can be great points for a romantic vacation, since these cities are not so far from each other. The distance between Verona and Florence is some 240 km. On the way, depending on the chosen mode of transport, it will take about 2-3 hours. Today Blogoitaliano will tell you what is the most convenient way to get from Verona to Florence and vice versa, which modes of transport are better to use and how much it will cost.

From Verona to Florence by train

Italy is famous for well-established railway connections, so the train is the most convenient, and most importantly fastest way to get around. Italian trains are often called the "tourist's dream", because you cannot even come up with a simpler and more comfortable way to travel. In addition, the traveler always has the right to choose the necessary level of comfort based on his own budget.

Verona Central Station is called Porta Nuova. It is he who is close to the main attractions and is most convenient for those who are looking for a way to get from Verona to Florence. Most trains depart from here. The station was opened in the middle of the XIX century. To date, its passenger traffic is up to 70 thousand people per day.

The final point in Florence is best to choose the train station Santa Maria Novella, which, like Porta Nuova in Verona, is located in the city center.

At the Santa Maria Novella train station in Florence

Trains in the direction of Verona-Florence run regularly. From 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can pick up both direct flights and flights with transfers, for example, to Bologna or Padua. The journey will take from 1.5 to 2.5 hours, even considering the time for a transplant. On weekends, trains run less frequently, and travel time may increase slightly.

You can find out a detailed train schedule and buy tickets for the desired dates in advance using this link. The main advantage of this resource is that it keeps track of the schedule of not only the largest railway carrier in Italy, but also smaller ones. Their tickets are often cheaper, and therefore periodically you can save a lot on this.

Trains in Italy have a high level of comfort

Now let's say a few words about tariffs. The cost of a train ticket from Verona to Florence and vice versa directly depends on the class of car. Prices "start" from 22 euros (2019), sometimes reaching 100 euros or more. The price of tickets depends on many factors, including the class of the train and how early you book your trip. On Italy's fast train routes, the rule is that the earlier you book, the cheaper the ticket costs.

Train tickets can also be purchased at the station, but in season this is not a good idea. In 2017, BlogoItaliano even recorded a separate video about it:

Check schedule and availability of tickets ›››

How to get from Verona to Florence by car

A car is a good alternative to the train for those who think how to get from Verona to Florence and back. The distance between Verona and Florence is some 240 km. Between them, the E45 and E35 expressways, which feature excellent asphalt surface, are laid. The only minus of highways is paid sections.

On average, about 36-40 euros (2019) will take the road from Verona to Florence, taking into account fuel and paying for paid plots. But it is the car that allows you to see much more than the train or bus. You can always look into the towns along the route, for example, to Bologna or Modena.

You can rent a car in any major city in Italy, as well as at any international airport. However, it should be borne in mind that on the spot, the right car may simply not be available. This problem is especially relevant in the high season.

Therefore, the best solution is to rent a car in advance. RentalCars service, which has established itself as one of the best online car booking services in the world, will help you choose the right car.

The cost of a trip between Verona and Florence by car should also include the amount to pay for parking, because finding free parking in these cities is extremely difficult. To find a suitable option nearby and find out the cost of parking, you can use the free Parcopedia application.

Motorists are also advised to read our article "Car rental in Italy: everything you need to know when booking a car", where you can find answers to many questions regarding parking lots, traffic rules, fines in Italy, as well as a selection of useful applications.


Bus - the least expensive, but the slowest mode of transport. On the way between the cities you will have to spend about 4 hours or more, and in this case there is no need to talk about the convenience of the schedule.

For example, FlixBus, one of the leading European bus carriers, offers only 1-2 direct flights in this direction daily. In addition, flights are not regular, it is better to find out the exact timetable on the trucker's website.

Most buses to Florence come to the Sita bus station

You can also always choose the option with a change, for example, in Padua or Milan. In this case, there will be 3-4 hours in reserve to see another city.

To travel from Verona to Florence by bus, head to Porta Nuova Station. Well, in Florence, the departure point is Piazzale Montelungo.


Finally, the most expensive, but the most comfortable form of transportation between Verona and Florence is a taxi. You can order a car both on the spot and in advance. The latter option is preferable, because you can be sure that your trip will take place and will pass without incident.

It’s convenient to use the transfer when you are in company or family.

For an economy option car in this direction, you will have to pay at least 320 euros (2019). It is convenient to order a transfer to a small group. So the minibus will cost a little more (360 euros), but it can accommodate up to 7 people.

You can choose a suitable car and book a transfer for convenient dates on the KiwiTaxi website. The driver with a sign will drive up at the appointed time to the place you specified. You will have to spend about 2.5 hours on a taxi.

Where to stay in Verona and Florence

Both Verona and Florence are cities where you can spend more than one day. Those who plan to linger may be interested in our selection of the most convenient housing.

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You can also always choose your own accommodation option that will satisfy all your requirements and wishes. Great service for booking accommodation - Convenient filter system, map, rating system and the availability of reviews from other guests will make the best choice. You can use it at this link.

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Watch the video: VISITING VERONA + ARRIVING IN FLORENCE (April 2020).


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