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Taxi in Milan: tariffs, nuances, trips from the airport

The official taxi in Milan is white cars with a black Taxi sign on the roof. The sticker “Taxi autorizzato per il servizio aeroportuale lombardo” is always on the window or door of the official taxi. Finding a taxi in the city will not be difficult, but there are still a few practical points that you should know in advance.

... When calling a taxi in Milan, it should be borne in mind that the operators and drivers, as a rule, are very poor or do not speak English at all. Therefore, it is always advisable to know how the address you need sounds in Italian, and to be prepared to discuss the details during the trip will be problematic.

How to find and call a taxi in Milan

“Voting” on the road to Milan is not accepted - taxis should be sought at special parking lots, of which there are enough in the city, or ordered by phone (official number 39-2-848-814-781).

In the latter case, it should be borne in mind that the counter starts to work from the minute the call is accepted and the car goes after you. When ordering by phone you should also be given the ID-number of the car, which is indicated on the doors.

Tariffs and rules

You will pay 3.3 euros in the afternoon for boarding a taxi in Milan, 6.5 euros at night and 5.4 euros on Saturday and Sunday. Besides for every kilometer the counter will wind another 1.8 euros. An hour of waiting for a taxi is estimated at 27.76 euros.

Nightly rates are valid from 9pm to 6am. For women who are willing to use the taxi service at night alone, there is a 10% discount.

Gratuities when paying for a taxi in Milan are optional. However, if you round the amount in favor of the driver, he will only be grateful to you for this.

Taxis in Milan should be looked for in special parking lots

You should always have small money with you, so as not to be in a situation where the driver says that he has no change. This happens regularly, especially with tourists.

If you plan to pay by credit card, be sure to check about this in advance - by phone or when boarding a taxi, if you take the car in the parking lot. Also, you should initially make sure that the taxi driver turned on the counter - then the driver will not have the opportunity to deceive you.

Baggage that can be put in the luggage compartment of the car is free of charge. For extra baggage you have to pay 1 euro.

The driver may offer you to pay for the service at a pre-agreed price, but you should not give in to these persuasions: as a rule, you will pay less on the meter. The fixed price is valid only when moving long distances, for example, to the airport.

Taxi from airports

Most often, travelers use taxis in Milan to travel from airports, while in the city they travel mainly by public transport.

Milan is served by 3 airports and for any of them you can either catch a car on the spot or call it in advance through a specialized website.

Taxi prices from Malpensa Airport to Milan

The online option is comparable in price to a taxi at the terminal, but it has a number of valuable advantages:

  • The fare is calculated online and is known to the passenger in advance, which is a guarantee against trips in circles and markups.
  • The online service tries to send drivers who speak the language of the passenger or at least in English.
  • In the event of a flight delay, downtime at the airport is not considered: the service independently monitors the airport board and sends the car exactly on time.
  • When traveling with a child in the car at the stage of booking, you can order a baby car seat. It will be problematic to find such a car at the airport, and many drivers do not risk traveling with a child without a car seat.
  • The driver meets passengers at the exit from the arrivals area with a nameplate. Therefore, you do not need to search for a taxi stand and wait for your turn.

Malpensa Airport, the largest international airport in Milan, is located 45 km from the city. Taxis from Malpensa Airport will take you to the center of Milan in about 50 minutes.

For the price of a taxi from Malpensa there is an important nuance. Officially, a taxi ride to the center of Milan should cost 90 Euros. But taxi drivers from the airport in most cases simply ignore this rule and take them on the counter. Thus, the final amount, as a rule, is higher.

Milan's second largest passenger airport, Linate, is only 8 km from the city center. You can get a taxi from Linate Airport to the center in 20 minutes. The cost of the trip in this case will be 35-40 euros.

Finally, if your plane arrives at Bergamo Airport, the duration of the trip to the center of Milan and the cost of a taxi ride will be approximately the same as in the case of Malpensa Airport: 45-50 minutes and around 90 euros, respectively.

The rates shown for each airport are relevant when boarding the car at the terminal. You can find out the rates for calling a car via the Internet, as well as calculate the cost of trips from Milan airports to other cities in Italy on this page.


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