Beaches of Trieste

Trieste is a resort in the north-east of Italy that attracts tourists with its beautiful coastline and beaches with crystal clear water.
A common feature of the beaches of Trieste is a rocky bottom, consisting of small and large boulders with uneven edges, most often overgrown with algae. Therefore, a necessary item for holidaymakers is special slippers that will protect your legs and prevent slipping. Most beaches in the city need to be descended by stairs from concrete piers, while outside the city the beaches are surrounded by wildlife.

Trieste is decorated with Barcola embankment, where you can enjoy walking and where there are descents into the sea water. The line of the beach area stretches from Trieste towards the city of Monfalcone. The predominant number of equipped beaches are closed, you need to pay for entry, use of changing rooms, deck chairs and umbrellas. Between paid beach areas there are free wild beaches without equipment.

Stones on the beaches in Trieste and the surrounding area are a sign of crystal clear salt water, in which the number of microbes is minimal.

Vacationers recommend bulk sandy beach areas in the villages of Grignano, Muggiò.

We will get acquainted with the most popular beaches of Trieste.

La lanterna

La Lanterna - the central city beach, which is a small area near the lighthouse, with entrance tickets at a price of 1 €, according to ancient European traditions, divided into a female and male zone. On the female side, ladies and children up to the age of 12 are resting and swimming. The beach "La Lanterna" is equipped for guests with disabilities, convenient for young children, it has everything you need:

  • Fenced safe water area for swimming;
  • Showers;
  • Dressing rooms;
  • Places to relax in the shade;
  • Items rental equipment;
  • Point rescuers, etc.
  • The beach has a convenient parking lot.


Ausonia is a spacious, well-equipped beach, which appeared in the 30s of the XX century, with a ticket price for different seasons 3-6 €, located on a concrete dam equipped with slopes into the water. This beach is not far from the beach at the lighthouse, it is spacious, designed for 2 thousand people. There are changing rooms, parasols and sun loungers, for the rental of which a fee is charged.

Swimming on the Ausonia is safe:

  • The area for swimming is limited to floats;
  • Rescuers are on duty in a boat on the water.

Ausonia Beach is conveniently accessible by city bus from the central square.

La diga

La Diga is a youth beach by the dam, which can be reached by boat from the central square for 6 euros. On this beach it is inconvenient to relax with the kids, as you have to go down the ladder into the deep water. The beach is good because it has a basketball court, a restaurant, a spacious dance floor for evening discos.

The beach offers a wonderful view of the city and the surrounding mountains, blue-green sea waves. Young people come here to swim and sunbathe, dance and socialize.


Sirena is a family-friendly beach behind Miramare Castle, with salt-water pools suitable for the safe swimming of young children.
The advantage of this beach area is that shady trees grow along it, so you can admire the sea and breathe the beautiful air in the shade. This is a great option for families with kids and for vacationers of advanced age. There are benches, changing cabins.

Da sticco

Da Sticco - a beach outside the city with a ticket for entry of 6-7 €, with a unique view of the castle walls of Miramare. The main advantages of the beach are the ability to enter the water from the shore, a rocky bottom with small pebbles, clear water. It is not deep near the coast, therefore families with kids come here to rest. Entrance fee is 6-7 euros. It is convenient to get to the beach by city bus, you need to drive a little further than to "I Topolini" beach. A beautiful promenade stretches along the beach, where you can take a walk in the shade of the mountains.

I topolini

I Topolini - a country beach with free entrance, located near the Miramare castle. It is easy to get to this beach from the city by bus transport of the 6th and 36th routes.

From the beach "I Topolini" you can see the lighthouse in Trieste, the eyes are pleased with mountain and city landscapes.

Alle ginestre

Alle Ginestre is a paid pebble beach with a season ticket price of 9 €, paid parking, located 15 kilometers from the city, near the Duino castle. The beach is a narrow coastline framed by shady trees.

Around the mountain slopes rise, here a person feels unity with wildlife and sea open spaces.

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Hotels on the coast

Trieste has over 250 accommodation offers for tourists with a wide range of requests. 4-5 star hotels are mainly located in the historic quarters of the city, overlooking the central squares.

View of the Adriatic Sea (Mare adriatico) opens from the largest square in the world - Piazza Unita D'Italia. Therefore, from hotels located in the historical center, it is easy to get to the sea. We have selected the best accommodation options for you according to tourists' reviews:

5 stars

Among 5-star hotels, they are located on the first line, on the very shore of the Adriatic Sea. Healing clean air, romantic landscapes and the highest level of service distinguish 5 star hotels on the coast.

Greif Hotel Maria Theresia

Hotel Greif Maria Theresia, located in the urban area of ​​Barcola, has a comfortable veranda overlooking the Adriatic, comfortable rooms, a sports hall for fitness and weight training, an indoor swimming pool, SPA center, massage parlor, halls for celebrations and conferences and etc.

The rooms are equipped with split systems, modern furniture and household appliances. Guests are offered a breakfast buffet, national dishes in the hotel restaurant, diet and baby food. The hotel is convenient for families with children, guests with pets, guests with disabilities. Tourists with their own cars can use the free parking spaces.

4 stars

4 star hotels in Trieste offer superior comfort. Guests can use the swimming pools, fitness rooms and equipment for sports games, undergo wellness treatments.

Hotel Riviera & Maximilian's

Hotel Riviera & Maximilian is located in the midst of a garden on the shore 800 meters from Miramare Palace and has direct access to the water. For vacationers there is a SPA center, a swimming pool, a Turkish bath and a sauna, a massage parlor, a solarium, table tennis equipment and others are provided.

The rooms, the restaurant, the wellness area are facing the sea and have panoramic windows, and the beach can be accessed by elevator.
Guests will enjoy the exquisite national menu and seafood dishes served on the terrace by the sea.

Hotel staff can help arrange bike rides, scuba diving, tennis, hiking and more.
The hotel welcomes guests with small children and pets.

Hotel miramare

Located on the first line, Miramare Hotel is just 4 minutes from the sea and 15 minutes from Miramare Castle. Guests enjoy modern rooms with stylish furniture and appliances, balconies and sea views.

Facilities include free parking and a safe, pets allowed, special rooms for guests with disabilities.


Residence del mare

Set in a 19th-century house, Residence del Mare is just an 11-minute walk from the coast. Each room, furnished in a classic style, has a kitchen space, sleeping rooms, bathrooms. The air temperature level is regulated by split systems, tourists can use free Internet access. The rooms are suitable for guests with disabilities. The apartment accommodates children under 2 years old free of charge.


Hotel Casadolcecasa, located in the middle of the garden an 18-minute walk to the sea, invites you to relax in comfortable rooms in a classic style, with balconies, comfortable furniture, TV, two bathrooms and two toilets in each room.

Kitchens are equipped with machines for washing dishes and washing clothes, for making coffee, electric stoves, microwave ovens, and refrigerators.
The hotel provides free parking spaces. Guests with pets are welcome here.

Travel Tips

Trieste is a city interesting for travelers with its clean beaches and an extensive excursion program. Rest by the water can be combined with a tour of historical and cultural monuments.

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Amazing impressions are made by visiting the Marimar Palace located 8 km away, towering like an old fortress above the sea, a walk through the Giant Caves with stalagmites (Grotta Gigante), and sightseeing boats on the Grand Canal (Canal Grande) of Trieste.

The city is distinguished by remoteness from large Italian cities, moderate prices for goods and services, cleanliness and pristine nature and urban atmosphere, mild climate.

Watch the video: Sistiana Beach - Trieste Italy, Adriatic sea (April 2020).


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