Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Rome

The Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Rome (Museo Leonardo da Vinci) looks rather modest compared to other attractions, but it has its own atmosphere and reveals to its visitors the facets of the talent of a world-famous Italian.

What is interesting here?

The area of ​​the museum is not large. It consists of three rooms where you can get acquainted with the inventions of the great Leonardo. The mechanisms created according to his drawings are amazing. There are more than 50 exhibits in total. Most of them can be touched, examined in detail, tested in action - this is an absolute plus for visitors with childrenbut it will be interesting here for adults.

It is amazing that in the 15th century, Leonardo da Vinci invented many things that entered human life much later. Among the exhibits of the museum you can find:

  • prototypes of a car, machine gun and tank;
  • a diver's suit, which was supposed to breathe through bamboo tubes;
  • wooden bearings;
  • device for mechanical lifting of goods;
  • bicycle;
  • aircraft;
  • parachute;
  • projector;
  • catapult and more.

In addition to the mechanisms, here you can see the drawings developed by da Vinci. Anatomical drawings made by him with amazing details.

Also here is a model of the Ideal City, developed by the inventor after the plague epidemic that happened in Milan. Leonardo proposed to build a city with a specific layout of residents, a three-level organization of traffic and a sewer system. The then ruler of Milan Lodovico Sforza did not give the project go-ahead. Perhaps its embodiment seemed too costly.

However, several centuries later, the project was highly appreciated by the authorities of London, taking it as the basis for the development of the city.

The museum talks about da Vinci not only as a talented scientist and inventor. The creators of the exposition did not forget about his artistic gift. Here you can see a reproduction of the famous Last Supper and other paintings.

Each exhibit is accompanied by a detailed description in Italian and English. You can book a tour.

Practical information

Where is

Finding a museum is pretty simple. It is located on the sights of Piazza del Popolo. To get here by metro, you need to get to the station Flaminia.
The museum is located in the annex of the church of Santa Maria del popolo.

Opening hours

You can visit the exhibition any day from 10 to 19 hours. According to employees of the institution, on average, inspecting exhibits, given their interactivity, takes 40-60 minutes.

Cost of visiting

The entrance ticket, which can be booked in advance, costs 12 euros for an adult visitor, 10 euros for a child from 5 to 18 years old. Also, at a preferential price of 10 euros, guests over 65 years of age and Roma Pass tourist card holders can purchase tickets.
If you do not speak Italian or English, you can ask the staff for an audio guide or a book describing all the exhibits in Russian.

  • Official website of the museum:

Watch the video: Leonardo da Vinci: 45 Macchine - Roma (April 2020).


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