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10 most unusual professions in Italy

Natives of beautiful Italy live in different parts of the world, where they came with invaluable experience. However, there are a number of professions that can be used exclusively in the homeland of Dante and Michelangelo. And it's not just about gondoliers. Residents and guests of Italy pay tribute to high-quality products, starting with olive oil and ending with cheese, but few people know what is behind all their beloved goods, including the hard work of farm and factory workers. We have compiled a list of ten professions that can be boldly labeled "Made in Italy".

Swiss Guard

Despite the colorful uniforms, the Swiss Guard proudly bears the title of “guardians and defenders of the freedom of the Church”. They came to Rome to defend the Catholic Church from foreign conquerors in the early 16th century and remained forever in the Vatican.


In order to receive the honorary status of a gondolier, you must pass more than one training course in several years. During the hours of calm and decline in the number of tourists who want to ride on local water transport in Venice, strong men in striped T-shirts and hats are happy to pose for passersby on camera.

Parmesan cheese listener

Check the quality of the world famous Parmesan cheese can not only taste. In order to make sure that the cheese has the correct shape and composition, specially trained people knock on the cheese head with a silver hammer to determine if the cheese meets the standard.

Modena Balsamic Vine Taster

Bottles filled with world-famous balsamic vinegar from Modena can cost hundreds of euros, making the production of this product a real art. Five tasters carefully study all the tricks of evaluating unusual vinegar to decide if vinegar will go on sale.

Police olive oil

As part of the intensified fight against illegal deliveries of olive oil to Italy, a special department was created in the police, whose trained employees are engaged in tasting this product, which is designed to prevent the image of the producing country from deteriorating by removing fakes from the sale. Only after tasting the oil, employees of a unique department can determine the true origin of the olives, as well as the composition of the product.

Roman soldier model

In order to get the right to represent the Roman Centurion warrior, a red-golden outfit, a charming smile and a friendly character are enough. Today's representatives of the brave division are no longer required to regularly engage in physical exercises in order to keep fit. Moreover, they are allowed to smoke directly at the workplace.

DOCG Recipe Maker

The most influential wine classification organization DOCG in Italy (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) must also meet certain standards. For each product that needs to be evaluated, a company representative must write a special recipe - a list of ingredients or a description of the cooking process.

Latin translator

Despite the fact that few people can be surprised by this profession, it is especially important in the Vatican. This dead tongue is used daily in the heart of Italy. Latin can be seen in manuscripts, in documents and even in tweets of the Pope. The profession of translating the Latin language has never been so demanded in the Vatican as during the departure of Benedict XVI in 2013. For example, the news of his decision to resign as head of the Catholic Church was published directly in Latin.

Mafia Investigator

To advocate for the protection of organized crime is one thing, but to oppose it is far from the safest occupation, especially in Italy, which is the homeland of the mafia.

Despite the fact that those people who are engaged in the fight against the mafia are very popular here, they even admire them, they daily risk their own life for the benefit of society. The thing is that such investigators are not provided with security. And the enemies of the mafia, as you know, can often be killed without any special reason.

Renaissance flag holder

In modern Florence, a person who proudly carries flags in the center of the city sometimes simply captivates tourists and passers-by with his skill. The ability to wave a flag even on the windiest days is a key requirement for this amazing job.

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